Where Have I Seen This? wraps up 2013 with… a window on the future? A bit of light in the darkness? A cliché barrel whose bottom has been scraped?

If you know a better description, or – better yet – Where the above photo was taken, please send an email to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com.


Speaking of light in the darkness, the tree trunks wrapped in tiny holiday lights featured in last week’s Where offered some.

We received a couple of mistaken answers about the location. Two readers thought it was in front of a home on Rumson Road in Rumson. Another guessed the Galleria Red Bank.

But the correct answer, as most of our respondents correctly noted, is Patriots Isle, the median strip with a World War II monument and other memorials on Sycamore Avenue just east of Broad Street / Route 35 in Shrewsbury.

Writes Shrewsbury Mayor Donald Burden:

One of the most historic sites of Monmouth County, “Shrewsbury’s Four Corners” shines brightly this season thanks to the cooperative effort of The Grove, the Shrewsbury Garden Club and Shrewsbury’s Public Works Department. Thank you and may the lights shine brightly on all throughout the holiday season.

Carl Colmorgen, of the Colmorgen Kids, adds that “this little piece of land once home to the Shrewsbury Post Office and the Shrewsbury Police Dept.”

Thanks to all who wrote in to answer this one: the Colmorgens, Donald Burden, Macy Riley, Bonnie Brookes, Christine Jahnig, John Ekdahl, Jill Kozlowski, Jeff Anderson, Trish DePonti, pampatter, Edward Keighron. Trista Clayton and Ellen Clayton.

And Happy New Year to all, Wherever you may be.