Tired of shoveling? Well, as of the posting of this week’s Where Have I Seen This – when the temperature outside was 7 degrees Fahrenheit – there were only 149 days until the start of summer. Let that warm thought envelop you as you ponder Where the above photo was taken. If you know, please send an email to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com.

Last week’s Where? The answers received included “Little building on Water St in Red Bank between Monmouth and Oakland,” “in the municipal parking lot between wallace and mechanic streets behind Independent Fire House” and “the old Douglas auto electric repair building on the SW corner of E.Bergen & Maple.”

Nope, the drab industrial building shown in the photo is located at 4 Catherine Street in Red Bank, next to the Conrail tracks and the Cedar Crossing homes, as two readers correctly identified.

Thanks to the Colmorgen Kids, Les Hathaway, Jackie Patterson, Crystal R and Joan Jay for writing in.