sb muni lot 011014The proposed 160-foot tower would be sited in the municipal parking lot. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

HOT-TOPIC_03Sea Bright is facing an “ultimatum” over it’s long-discussed but never-built solution to spotty cellphone service, reports.

Telecom giant Verizon has told the borough it will pull out as a planned user of a proposed cell tower if it doesn’t build it soon, the Star-Ledger’s website says.

Residents and at least one elected official think 160-foot tower proposed for siting in the municipal parking lot is just too tall.

From the report:

“The cell tower is going to be an eyesore inside that parking lot,” resident Butch Hentschel said. “The technology changes so quickly, within five years those cell towers will be obsolete and it will cost the town more money to dispose of it than we would make off of it.”

The cell phone tower has been a topic of discussion in Sea Bright for over seven years, as the borough has suffered from spotty cell phone coverage, especially in the summer.

“They are waiting for us to give direction to move forward or we’re going to have to pull the plug on it,” Kelly said. “The biggest carrier, Verizon, has notified us that they’re ready to pull out.”

The borough council held off a final decision on the proposed tower’s fate until a meeting with Verizon representatives could be arranged.