ZipprichBenRed Bank Borough Education Foundation secretary and borough Councilman Ed Zipprich (left, with RBEFF’s Ann Roseman at right) presented Board of Ed president Ben Forest with a Mini Grant for a Science Day to be held in June at Red Bank Primary School.

Press release from Red Bank Borough Education Foundation

All in the interest of science, the Red Bank Borough Education Foundation presented the Red Bank Board of Education with a Rosemarie Kopka Mini-Grant for two thousand dollars, toward a Science Day to be held in June at the Red Bank Primary School.

Red Bank Councilman and RBBEF Secretary Ed Zipprich — joined by Ann Roseman, member of both the RBBEF board and the RB Board of Education — presented the check to borough Board of Ed president Ben Forest, as part of RBBEF’s mission to promote the STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) in the Red Bank Public Schools.

Primary School Principal Luigi Laugelli made application for the funds in order to stage a day full of science projects, experiments, lessons at each grade level in the primary school.

The Rosemarie Kopka Mini Grant is awarded to teachers or administrators for small science, math, or art projects at the classroom level, the grade level, or school-wide which could not be funded from available sources.  It is named for a longtime Red Bank School Board member who was instrumental in setting up RBBEF, to accomplish her vision of transforming the Primary School property into an outdoor science learning center.