AUTHORITIES_MTOWN2-2014The eighth chief in the 86-year history of the Middletown police department took the helm Monday night, according to a report by More Monmouth Musings.

R. Craig Weber, a 21-year veteran of the township squad, was sworn in at a full-house ceremony to succeed Robert Oches, who retired last month after 40 years in the department.

From More Monmouth Musings:

A graduate of Monmouth University where he earned both a bachelors in political science and masters degree in public policy, Weber also holds a masters in administrative science with certifications in law and public safety administration and human resources administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He  joined the Department as a Patrolman in 1993. He rose through the ranks of the Traffic Safety and Detectives Bureaus before being promoted to Deputy Chief in 2010.   As Deputy Chief he was the Commander of the Technical Services Division where he was responsible for the management of the Detective Bureau, Records and Service Bureau, Community Relations Bureau, Communications and Computer Operations.

“Chief Weber is a well-rounded officer with an outstanding service record, strong ties to the community and an impressive educational background,” said [Mayor Stephanie] Murray. “We are confident that Middletown’s long standing record and one of the safest towns in the nation will continue for years to come with him at the helm.”