jack velcampPress release from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School

During the January 20 meeting of the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Board of Education, RFH freshman Jack Velcamp was presented with the 2014 “Unsung Hero” Award from the Jersey Shore Chapter of the New Jersey Football Officials Association (NJFOA).

NJFOA Shore Chapter Member Dennis Heard presented Jack with the award, which was created in 2005 to honor football players and students who demonstrate dedication in the face of adversity. The annual honor is funded by the Manasquan Elks.

The son of Marianne and Joe Velcamp of Rumson, Jack has a form of dwarfism known as Achondroplasia that prevents him from participating in the game of football. Nonetheless, he has made positive contributions to the RFH program – first as a waterboy, and now as head of sideline operations. He also works with the RFH basketball program and Head Coach Chris Champeau.

“True stature is not measured in feet and inches … it is gauged by how our conduct and actions are perceived by others,” Heard said. “How we handle our responsibilities, those assigned to us and those we volunteer for, is a true measure of who we are.”

“There is not a player or coach in the room who would not openly acknowledge and appreciate his ongoing and under-the-radar contributions to the team,” Heard continued, offering observations about Jack from RFH coaches and faculty.

“’Someone who can be counted on; someone who always puts other people’s needs above his own; superior character and work ethic’ – that is what defines stature.”

RFH Head Football Coach Bryan Batchler says that the program is “blessed” to have Jack for another three years.

“Jack is enthusiastic, passionate and encouraging,” said Batchler. “He cares deeply about the team, our success, and the hard work required to reach the mountain top.”