rose bella trevor 082415Rose and Trevor Abbud with their newborn, Bella, in a screengrab from a CBS2 News report. (Photo by Trevor Abbud. Click to enlarge)

HOT-TOPIC_03Aided by two Good Samaritan health workers, a Middletown woman gave birth in a car when she and her husband got stuck in traffic in Sea Bright Saturday evening, the Asbury Park Press reports.

Twenty-three-year-old Rose Abbud was enroute to a hospital after her water broke when she and her husband, Trevor Abbud, found themselves stuck in traffic on Ocean Avenue opposite the Sands Beach Club shortly after 6:20 p.m., according to the report.

From the Press:

Abbud pulled to the side of Route 36, blared his car horn and called 911 as the first stages of the delivery happened before him.

“My wife was screaming,” he said. “I saw the top of the baby… I thought she was dead.”

Two women at the Sands Beach Club – trauma nurse Sarah Wood and Rumson First Aid Squad EMT Lauren Kammerer – heard the screams and ran over to help.

“It couldn’t have been a better moment,” said Kammerer. “We just happened to be there at the same time.”

About 6:45 p.m., just 25 minutes after Rose’s water broke, Bella Rose was born, Abbud said.

Bella’s arrival in the world was assisted by trauma nurse Sarah Wood and Rumson First Aid Squad EMT Lauren Kammerer, according to reports.

CBS2 News reported that, “at 7-lbs 13-ounces, Bella Rose Abbud is a quiet, gentle, healthy baby.”

More from the Press:

Kammerer, whose EMT training includes delivering babies in emergency situations, was thankful both Rose and her baby were doing well.

“It really was awesome to see the baby and (hear) the first cry,” she said. “It was amazing.”