delisa 090315Residents will now be able to put their bulk waste out with regular household trash once a week. But there are rules. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


HOT-TOPIC_03Red Bank residents will no longer have to wait weeks — or the entire winter — for so-called bulk waste pickup days.

Under a change approved by the borough council Monday night, those old mattresses, sofas and other large items can go to the curb once a week, rather than once a month between April and November.

Homeowners will no longer have to call for a pickup and provide a detailed list of items they’d like collected, says Tommy DeLisa, owner DeLisa Waste Services of Tinton Falls, the town’s new private trash collector,

But there are rules, and here they are, as detailed by the amendment approved by the council:

1. Household furniture and bulky waste for residential premises shall be placed at curbside adjacent to the residential premises on pick-up dates designated by the Department of Public Utilities.

2. Furniture and Bulky waste collection shall only be provided on the second collection day of the collection week for the residence.

3. No furniture or bulky waste shall be accepted from nonresidential properties, including mixed use properties.

4. For each household furniture or bulky waste collection date, no residence shall place more than two (2) pieces of furniture/bulky waste at curbside for collection, and in no case shall any single item of furniture or bulky waste exceed one hundred twenty (120) pounds in weight, nor shall the total aggregate weight exceed two hundred forty (240) pounds.

5. Any residential premises having more than one (1) dwelling unit shall be limited to placing no more than four (4) items of furniture/bulky waste at curbside collection per pick-up day in the manner described herein.

6. All mattresses and box springs for bulk collection must be wrapped in plastic or placed in disposable plastic bags. Plastic wrapping or plastic bags must be sufficient to cover all exposed areas of the mattress and box spring. If this requirement is not complied with, these items will not be picked up and the homeowner shall remove them from the curbside until the items comply with this ordinance.

7. No such items to be collected shall be placed on the curb before 6:00 p.m. of any day prior to the collection day.

The new system goes into effect on Tuesday, December 1, DeLisa tells redbankgreen.