knollwoodFrom left, Joe Perrotto and Denise, Stefani, and Charlie Sciametta at the ceremony marking the unveiling of Anthony Sciametta’s photo (top center) on the Knollwood School “Wall of Honor.”

Press release from Fair Haven School District

Anthony Sciametta, a 2011 graduate of Knollwood School in Fair Haven, has joined the special “ranks” of those commemorated with a photo on the “Wall of Honor.”

Commissioned and designed in 2011 to honor graduates serving their country in the armed forces, the “Wall of Honor” is featured in a main hallway at Knollwood School. Anthony’s photo  was unveiled at a ceremony held on the afternoon of December 16.

A 2015 graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, where he ran four seasons of Cross Country track and was named Captain of the team as a senior, Anthony received the “U.S. Army Top Future Soldier Award” as Central Jersey’s most outstanding recruit. Anthony enlisted in the Infantry Division of the U.S. Army in 2015 during his senior year at RFH, and graduated from Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA on December 11, in the presence of his parents Denise and Charlie and his twin sister Stefani. He was assigned to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, First Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, at Fort Drum, NY and traveled there immediately after his graduation.

Anthony’s parents and sister as well as a group of friends and supporters attended the ceremony at Knollwood School. These included Wall of Honor co-chairs Betsy Koch, an 8th grade  science teacher at Knollwood School, and Joe Perrotto, who hosted the ceremony. Perrotto served his country as a Marine, and his son Matthew — a 1999 Knollwood Graduate — served as a combat engineer in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army.

Perrotto, who was the Knollwood School Baseball Coach for seven years and Fair Haven’s Director of Recreation for eight years, opened the ceremony by noting that the Wall of Honor is a constant visual reminder that our way of life and freedom requires sacrifices made by individuals.

“These graduates have made the decision to serve their country and as long as this display is here they shall not be forgotten, and their sacrifice and service not taken for granted,” Perrotto  said. “More importantly the pride that their families have for them is shared by everyone in our community and at Knollwood School.”

“We are so proud of our son Anthony and all the other soldiers from Fair Haven that have chosen to serve our country,” said Denise and Charlie Sciametta. “We have been overwhelmed by the show of support from our community.”

The Wall of Honor was made possible with funding from the Knollwood Student Council and was designed and built by Rick Robbins, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds for the Fair Haven School District. Currently featured on Knollwood’s Wall of Honor along with Anthony are:

• Craig Cannon, Class of 1984, U.S. Army

• Shaun Foley, Class of 1996, U.S. Marine Corps

• Wayne Coy, Class of 1999, U.S. Marine Corps

• Joel Hyduke, Class of 2001, U.S. Army

• Michael Humphreys, Class of 2003, U.S. Army

• Brendan Reiss, Class of 2007, U.S. Army

• Keegan Finn, Class of 2008, U.S. Marine Corps

• Brian Truex, Class of 2008, U.S. Navy

A new addition to the Wall of Honor is a plaque bearing the names of Knollwood School graduates who have completed their service and whose photos were formerly displayed on the Wall of Honor. Made possible by the support of American Legion Post 168 in Red Bank, this plaque features the names of the following:

• Joshua Zager, Class of 1985, U.S. Marine Corps

• Scott Beattie, Class of 1991, U.S. Army Special Operations

• Matthew Perrotto, Class of 1999, U.S. Army

• Will Miller, Class of 2001, U.S. Army Ranger

• Bobby DeCanio, Class of 2004, U.S. Marine Corps

If you know of someone who may be eligible for recognition on the Knollwood School Wall of Honor, please contact Joe Perrotto at joeotto@aol.com.