Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

raising_him_aloneOn Thursday, April 14, the SOURCE at Red Bank Regional High School is sponsoring an informative program designed for women raising young men alone in our community. “Helpful Hints for Raising Boys” takes place at the Red Bank Resource Network, 103 Drs. James Parker Boulevard in Red Bank, from 6 to 8 p.m.

According to Sean Macon, RBR clinician and organizer of the program, “This day is about demonstrating to mothers/grandmothers how they influence their child’s academic success, goals and future.  It is specifically designed to improve the lives of their male children.

“Additionally, we would like to use this program as a platform to promote positive reinforcement with the support of all community stakeholders.”

Special guest for the evening will be author, educator and motivational speaker Matt Stevens, who will be providing all attendees with a free autographed copy of Raising Him Alone, the book that he co-authored with David Miller. Help will be provided in:

  • Finding mentors and managing a mentor relationship
  • Increasing academic achievement with adolescent boys
  • Preparing young men for life after high school (college, military, trade school or vocational service).

Anyone wishing to attend the April 14 presentation can contact Mr. Macon at (732)842-8000, ext. 1436, or by emailing

The SOURCE’s mission is “To remove all obstacles that impede the success of young people in the community.”  This is accomplished by offering services free of charge to students and their families including; individual, group and family counseling, preventative medical and dental care, academic support, scholarship opportunities, and recreational and cultural events. The Source Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.