Deane-Porter art showPress release from Rumson School District

The art world’s premier events have real competition in the annual Art Show at Deane Porter School; an event that’s both highly anticipated and well attended by the Rumson community. The 2016 show was no exception, as an appreciative crowd enjoyed original work by talented students in grades K through 3 on a recent May evening.

Art teacher Robin Yaeger described the show as “a fantastic event that showcases the creative, imaginative, and beautiful work of the Deane Porter students,” adding that “having the opportunity to show the community their masterpieces is a very rewarding experience for them and for me.”

Featured projects by grade level were :

• Kindergarten – Paper sculptures, Chinese lanterns, stuffed fish, Monet landscapes, and self-portraits in which students imagined themselves as kings and queens

• First Grade – Turtle sculptures, Chinese dragons, self-portraits in “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, and weavings

• Second Grade – Ancient Egyptian portrait masks with digital cartouches, African-inspired masks, coil pottery, and Picasso portraits

• Third Grade – Dia de los Muertes sugar skulls, Kimmy Cantrell faces, slab pottery, and Matisse-inspired collages

Digital art was spotlighted once again, as Deane Porter School has received additional iPad tablets for use by art students in all grades.The iPads were purchased through a PTO grant.