RBCS waterfallExcursions to the area’s natural attractions offer opportunities for art and science-based learning activities, during Red Bank Charter School’s Summer Institute programs for grade levels 1 through 8.

Press release from Red Bank Charter School

RBCS painting on beachResearch has shown that summer months create a lapse in learning, and family socioeconomic status (SES) is highly correlated to the level of academic growth or decline over the summer. Two-thirds of the academic achievement gap in reading and language found among high school students has been explained through the learning loss that occurs during the summer months of the primary school years.

With that in mind, Red Bank Charter School has announced a wrap-around STEM-based curriculum for their Summer Institute program. Offered from July 5 to August 5 and divided into two grade level-based groups (grades 1-4, grades 5-8), the summertime activities are available both to current RBCS students and to non-students.

“We find that reviewing concepts learned throughout the year integrated into fun, hands-on activities maintains a balance of learning and enriched summer experiences,” said RBCS Principal Meredith Pennotti. “There’s less of a review period in the start of the new school year, providing benefits to students and teachers. We are also pleased to offer this program to non-students of RBCS.”

RBCS Summer Institute fuses concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into real-world summer-learning activities. Grades 1-4 students will trek Huber Woods Park to discover nature’s diversity in the  “Life Beneath Our Feet”  workshop. They’ll also “Seek Shelter” and be challenged to design storm shelters that hold up to wind and water weathering.

Grades 5-8 students will “Set Sail” on the Navesink River in partnership with Monmouth Boat Club, and use geometry, velocity and measurements to engineer boat-building. They’ll also don life-jackets as “River Rangers” in a week-long tour of our local waterways in student-built canoes and develop valuable teamwork and maritime skills.

All children can benefit from an engaging summer program that pairs fun and creativity with an opportunity for learning. RBCS aims to bridge the achievement gap and offer families a progressive approach to student success. To learn more and register RBCS students and non-students for Summer Institute, visit our website and download the appropriate student or non-student form at Space is limited.