Forrestdale ChoirAbove: Forrestdale School music teacher Barbara Leutz leads the Eighth Grade Choir in “The Climb,” during graduation ceremonies at RFH High School. Below: Student Government Association President Peyton Ming addresses his fellow grads.

Press release from Rumson School District

Peyton MingDiplomas were awarded to 104 rising high school freshman students, as graduation exercises for Forrestdale School’s Class of 2016 were held at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School on the evening of June 16.

In his “Greetings from the Class” address, Student Government Association President Peyton Ming urged his classmates to “Have a plan, take responsibility, take chances, and ask for help when you need it.” SGA Treasurer Rylie Spiegel, in her Presentation of the Class Gift, announced that the Class of 2016 will use funds they have raised to restore a vintage aerial map of the Borough of Rumson, which will hang in the lobby of Forrestdale School.

Music Teacher John Lebitsch led the Graduation Ensemble in performances of “Pomp and Circumstance” (processional) and “Sugar Creek Overture” (recessional). The eighth grade choir, directed by Barbara Leutz, performed “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.

“Four years ago, we gathered together in the Forrestdale Gym after Hurricane Sandy, many of our classmates and teachers greatly impacted by the damage to their homes but all present and together as a family,” said Forrestdale School Principal Jennifer Gibbons in her address. “That moment was poignant as I looked out and saw just how safe and comfortable our family made one another feel.”

Principal Gibbons performed the roll call as Superintendent Dr. John Bormann and Board of Education President Colleen O’Connor awarded diplomas. Dr. Bormann then presented the Class of 2016.

Students received the following awards:

• Excellence in Academic Engagement – Anna Nowell and Julia Perconti (English Language Arts), Meghan Connolly, Nina Gettings, and Jordan Johnson (Math), Sarah Hanlon (Science), James Greeley (Social Studies), Rylie Spiegel (Spanish), Katie Taylor-Jackson (French)

• Excellence in Academic Achievement – Sophia Barry (Pre-Algebra), Ellen Daly (Algebra), Gustav Hansen (Algebra II, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and French), Matthew Garvey (Geometry), Emily Grossarth (Spanish)

• Special Subject Area Awards – Sophia Galinos and Emma Schweitzer (Health), Riley Glenn and Eliana Swell (Physical Education), Gustav Hansen and Peyton Ming

(Technology), Rebecca Loughran and Cole Wall-Esteves (Music), Francesca Black and Rory McGill (Drama), Tristan Izzo and Danielle Whitman (Band), Samuel Bailey (Jazz), Eva Farr and Olivia Puglise (Art)

• Creative Spirit Award in Memory of Lynn Reinalda (Art) – Peyton Ming

• Sarah Beels Dunikoski Trust Award for Excellence in Vocal Music – Sarah Hanlon and Peter Robinson

• Alex J. Shanley Award for Extraordinary Determination – James Greeley

• Jane Talmage Perfect Attendance Award – Daniel Afflito, Michael Cushing, Logan Forster, Peyton Ming, Sophia Passalaqua, Peter Robinson, Eliana Swell

• Nancy E. Guthrie “One Student Makes a Difference” Award – Ryan Patwell

• Parent Teacher Organization Awards – Ellen Daly, Alice Havard

• Rumson Education Foundation 21st Century Learner Award – Rylie Spiegel

• Mary Owen Borden Memorial Foundation Awards for Academic Excellence – Darby Albanese, Caitlin Wingertzahn

• President’s Award for Educational Excellence – Caroline Fernandes, Gustav Hansen, Jordan Johnson, Eliana Swell