wheelchairsGetting around with the use of a wheelchair, and managing everyday tasks with disability-simulating mitts, were two of the activities explored by Point Road School students during Celebrating Different Learning Abilities Day.

Press release from Little Silver School District

handsOn a recent Friday, third grade students at Little Silver’s Point Road School took part in the school’s 10th Annual Celebrating Different Learning Abilities Day. The event was created to educate students about disabilities, as well as to help raise awareness and acceptance of individual differences.

The third grade classes rotated through five rooms, where they learned about different disabilities. In each room the students participated in hands on activities that were specifically designed to give them a glimpse of what it would be like to live with various Physical, Learning, Developmental, Hearing and Vision related disabilities.

In the Physical Room students simulated hand, arm, leg impairments, as well as the use of wheelchairs and crutches. The Vision Room featured guest presentations by visually impaired athletes, as well as a seeing eye dog. Students were blindfolded as they managed everyday tasks such as counting coins, preparing a “mock breakfast,” and attempting to identify different scents.

In the Hearing Room, students were taught sign language, learned how speech and sound correlate, and simulated an “unfair spelling test” due to hearing loss. In the Developmental Room, students utilized adaptive devices for communication, trialed occupational therapy equipment, and worked on team building and communication exercises. Finally, the Learning Room utilized online simulations to increase their understanding of learning disabilities.

This year the event was organized by Point Road School Counselor Julie Ford and Parent Coordinator Diane DiYanni.  Special thanks to all of our parent volunteers, the Little Silver PTO, Friends of Different Learners, and the third grade teachers who continue to help make Celebrating Different Learning Abilities Day such a success.