rb-dance-for-life-111316-5rb-dance-for-life-111316-6First came the “freezemob,” as hundreds of orange-clad participants stopped in poses of kindness on a stretch of Broad Street in downtown Red Bank. Then came the “flashmob,” as music was cranked up and the mob broke into joyous dance.

The occasion was the fifth annual ‘Dance for Kindness,’ a campaign to support random acts of kindness that involved 100 locations around the globe Sunday. redbankgreen trained its lens on the local edition; please check out the additional photos below. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.) (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)rb-dance-for-life-111316-1 rb-dance-for-life-111316-2 rb-dance-for-life-111316-3 rb-dance-for-life-111316-16rb-dance-for-life-111316-4 rb-dance-for-life-111316-7 rb-dance-for-life-111316-15rb-dance-for-life-111316-8 rb-dance-for-life-111316-9  rb-dance-for-life-111316-11 rb-dance-for-life-111316-12 rb-dance-for-life-111316-13 rb-dance-for-life-111316-14