killer-queenPaintings by Holly Suzanne Rader are on display beginning Saturday as the latest installation at Detour Gallery, below.

detour-gallery-111816The Greater Red Bank Green’s newest and highly impressive art space detours into an imaginary world of “glittering heroines” when Detour Gallery hosts an opening reception Saturday for The Killer Queen, a one-woman show of eye-popping pop art paintings by Holly Suzanne Rader.

Scheduled from 6 to 10 p.m., the event sounds a keynote to only the second installation in the history of the recently opened 10,000-square-foot gallery, located at 24 Clay Street. And the collected works represent a “crusade of romantic rebellion and feminine empowerment,” says Rader, whose work has previously been seen on the walls of Glen Goldbaum 72 as well as in the inaugural group exhibition at Detour.

Rader refers to her shimmering, semi-erotic collage portraits as “graffiti glam.”

“In an art world dominated by male artists, we get to see a rare glimpse into the creative mind of the non-traditional female archetype… one that is soft with many edges,” Rader says in press notes for the show, which she call a “visual tale of imaginary crusaders and fearless female warriors.”

It’s also an excellent close-up look at the ever-evolving technique of the portrait painter, sculptor and mixed media specialist, one whose “glittering heroines” are rendered in acrylic and subsequently “dripped, splattered, gilded and embellished” with rhinestones, snippets of wallpaper, and other materials collected by Rader in her travels.

Rader is expected to be in attendance for Saturday night’s opening reception, with the paintings remaining on display during regular gallery hours (or by appointment) through January 14, 2017.