deane-porter_teachers_in_breakout_session_with_dr-_kingorePress release from Rumson School District

In October, the Rumson School District welcomed the internationally recognized author and educator Dr. Bertie Kingore to Forrestdale School for two days of continuing education for our teachers. Over the course of those two days, Dr. Kingore spent time with teachers across all grade levels, focusing on her theme that “educators understand the importance of nurturing every student while we recognize and appropriately challenge high ability learners.”

As a sought-after speaker on differentiation, reading and gifted education, Dr. Kingore (pictured in a “breakout” session with teachers from Deane-Porter School) has been recognized as an authority on gifted students’ rights, responsibilities and differentiation needs. She is the author and developer of the Kingore Observation Inventory [KOI], which is used to assist teachers in designing appropriate differentiated learning experiences for young learners.

Vera Ridoux, the Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for the district, was instrumental in bringing Dr. Kingore to Rumson for this professional development experience.

The district also hosted an informative and interactive session for our parents with Dr. Kingore on the evening of October 10. The educator presented to and answered questions from parents, expanding on her central message which states that “Students are individuals. In a differentiated classroom, teachers perceive the differences that make students unique, not to distinguish one as better or less than another, but to form instructional objectives that effectively match each student.”