In November 2015, the Rumson Borough School District adopted Policy 7461: Sustainability — an initiative that guides our schools toward decisions designed to protect the environment from harm, educate our students to be environmentally responsible, and preserve natural resources.

More than a year later, the borough’s schools, Deane Porter and Forrestdale, have worked to put that policy into effect each day — and the district has formed a Green Team in support of various environmentally conscious projects.

These have included a collaboration with the Rumson Shade Tree Commission that resulted in the planting of 20 trees on campus through our district Arbor Day fundraiser, as well as a renovation of the Forrestdale greenhouse to promote an understanding of locally grown produce. In addition, a wellness committee was formed to spearhead student and staff wellness initiatives, professional development in sustainability curricula was furnished to the district’s science teachers, and Bike and Walk to School Days were organized as a way of promoting safe routes to school.

Along with the establishment of anti-idling policies, green cleaning practices and other initiatives, the adoption of Policy 7461 has fostered an awareness of how to deliver a high quality education through ways that are more gentle on our environment. As we continue down this path, the district welcomes and appreciates the support and expertise of the community at large, to build greater sustainability into our practices and aid us in being recognized as New Jersey Sustainable Schools.