Monmouth County SPCA Officer Becker and Chief Licitra joined police therapy dog Hunter for a visit to the Pre-K classroom at Rumson Country Day School last week.

Press release from Rumson Country Day School

On Thursday, April 12, the Student Council at The Rumson Country Day School held a fundraising Casual Dress Day to benefit the Monmouth County SPCA. Students donated $5 to participate in the special day, and were asked to wear orange to raise awareness for the cause. The total raised for the day was $1,600.

RCDS seventh grader Sheridan Sainato, a youth ambassador of the MCSPCA, was the catalyst for the fundraiser, with her volunteer work and passion for the cause having been recently recognized by the Eatontown-based organization.

“My goal was to raise awareness among the RCDS community, specifically among younger students who may not be of age to volunteer yet,” explained Sainato. “There are a number of ways people of all ages can support the MCSPCA, and it starts with spreading the word.”

On the day of the fundraiser, Chief Licitra and Officer Becker from the MCSPCA visited RCDS students with their furry friend Hunter in tow. Hunter, now a certified therapy police dog, was adopted when he was two months old by Officer Becker and trained to provide comfort to various members of the public, typically in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools.

Chief Licitra and Officer Becker addressed students in the classroom and at an Upper School assembly to create a better understand of the MCSPCA and its mission to protect and advocate for all animals, by enforcing animal cruelty laws, providing a safe haven for homeless, abused and abandoned pets and facilitate adoptions.

“It is our job as humans to cultivate the humane treatment of animals and to treat them the way they deserve,” said Chief Licitra during his presentation.

The assembly was followed by a lengthy Q&A session. Sainato was thrilled with the response from her fellow classmates.

“We are committed to raising socially-aware and compassionate students,” said Student Council Supervisor Tony Iannacone. “As part of this ongoing effort, RCDS students regularly participate in hands-on activities that support local programs such as the MCSPCA, The Jacqueline M. Wilentz Breast Center, Bridge of Books, Holiday Express, Lunch Break, and more.”