A couple of headstrong snapping turtles got an assist from Fair Haven police, public works employees and Animal Control Officer Henry Perez earlier this week.

Perez tells redbankgreen he spotted one of the reptiles attempting to cross Ridge Road to the Rumson side near Meadowridge Park Monday morning when a passerby stopped and and told him she had previously carried it back to the Fair Haven side after seeing it in the roadway.

“The turtle was heading to her secret sacred spot to lay her eggs,” Perez said. “When they are in that mindset, they will not stop to get to their destination, which is often why they get run over.”

With police stopping traffic, Perez and DPW workers used a shovel to carry the female to the Rumson side.

A second turtle was relocated from Ridge Road at another location that day, and Perez removed a third was removed to nearby woods after it became stuck under a car parked in a Shrewsbury driveway this week, Perez said. (Click to enlarge)