A Fair Haven family’s dog was injured this week when she was attacked by a bird, believed to be a red-tailed hawk, according to a report Thursday by News12 New Jersey.

The encounter between Phoebe, a 25-pound French bulldog, and the bird was apparently unwitnessed. It occurred Tuesday in dog owner Chris Gooch’s driveway as the pooch was sunbathing, according to the report.

The “vicious” attack left Phoebe with a shredded underbelly and legs, heavy blood loss and shock, according to the account.

Veterinarian Kerri O’Keefe-Haupt of Fair Haven Animal Hospital attributed the attack to a red-tailed hawk based on the size of talon wounds and the fact that other attacks on pets have occurred, according to the report. She said the scarcity of mice, squirrels and other prey due to cold weather might have led the bird to identify the dog as a potential meal.

Phoebe is expected to make a full recovery.