sb bikers 090113Francois Bertrand Lemay, Ary Meziane, Martin Hetu and Maxime Boon get ready to roll out on the next leg of their ride from Montreal to Miami. Below, some beachgoers turned out despite the gray day. (Click to enlarge)

SB 2 090113Summer 2013’s unofficial end was a relatively quiet one in the beach community of Sea Bright, thanks to gray skies.

Thanks to a reader tip, redbankgreen got to meet a group of 25-year old Canadian bicyclists who had stopped to camp in town Saturday night en route  from Montreal to Miami, a distance of about 1,700 miles.

“It’s a random trip, we’re just going down south,”¬† Maxime Boon said Sunday morning, as the quartet readied to depart.

All four men expressed strong gratitude for the hospitality of Sea Brighters.

“It was one of the best nights of our trip,” said Francois Bertrand Lemay. He recounted how it started with a half a case of beer from man in town who had biked long-distance when he was younger.

“We’ll be back for sure,” said Martin Hetu. “Keep on living the life, the dream life by the beach.”

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