So U ThinkThe cast of finalists from Season 11 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE take to the Basie boards for a touring extravaganza this Wednesday, November 5.

The days when audiences balked at paying good money to attend entertainments that they “could see for free on TV” have long since gone the way of rabbit ear antennas and UHF dials — no place more so than at the Count Basie Theatre, where a whole generation of flat-screen favorites have become some of the most consistently popular draws in real-life, real-time 3-D.

This Wednesday, November 5, the Basie boards are due to take a dazzling pounding, when the 2014 touring production of the mega-hit competition series So You Think You Can Dance commandeers the stage for a single 8 pm performance. Highlighted by the participation of Season 11 winner Ricky Ubeda, the show promises to reside several spectacular cuts above the hand-held mics and slideshow presentations of your typical reality-star personal appearance.

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