We told you a few days back about the letter to the editor that the mother of Johnny Houston, a candidate for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn., wrote to the editor of the local newspaper extolling her boy’s many virtues.

Well, now the candidate’s wife has written in to sing his praises. And the Daily Chattanoogan has once again not stood in the way of what is clearly a burgeoning charm offensive. The paper ran Mrs. Laura Houston’s letter yesterday. Headline: “Johnny Houston Does What Is Right And Fair.”

This made redbankgreen wonder how many letters of praise the Chattanoogan has run from relatives of Houston’s opponent in the race, incumbent Gary Disheroon. The answer, going by a search of the newspaper’s online archive: none.

What on earth is wrong with this guy? It’s like watching John Kerry stand by while he got Swift-boated all over again. Only in this case, Disheroon is remaining quiet amid a public lovefest for Houston; neither Houston’s Mom, Nancy Estes, nor his wife says an unkind word about Disheroon. In print, that is.

It’s a wholly civilized affair. And yet, somehow, it cries out for retaliation. Can’t Disheroon scrounge up one relative to write him a gushing endorsement? Don’t the people of Red Bank, Tenn., deserve to know what his kin think of him?

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