hot-topic rightWe’ve long been aware that there are other Red Banks in America. There’s one in Indiana, another in South Carolina, and even another in New Jersey, in Gloucester County.

But now, it’s come to our attention that our very own Red Bank, Monmouth County, New Jersey, isn’t alone among its name-sharers to struggle with a reputation as “Dead Bank.”

Turns out the City of Red Bank, Tennessee, a “small community surrounded by Chattanooga” whose population total of 12,000 mirrors our own, also gets the business for not having enough business.

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We’ve got our bald eagle. In Red Bank, Tenn., the news today concerns coyotes.

From News Channel 9, WTVC, in Chattanooga:

A problem is brewing for homeowners in Red Bank who say they’ve seen a number of coyotes near their homes.

Vice Mayor Joe Glasscock says the city has three trappers lined up to help rid the area of wild coyotes.
Glasscock says they’ve found four dens, with dozens of coyotes inside.

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OK, one final post on the race for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn. Barring a demand for a recount from the Disheroon camp, that is.


DUI lawyer Johnny Houston, who outpolled incumbent Judge Gary Disheroon in voting Thursday, dropped us an e-mail over the weekend.

Well John [redbankgreenman, that is], I feel pretty good about the result, given that I won. Believe it or not, this is only the second instance in modern times that ANY incumbent judge in this county has been turned out of office. I guess my momma loves me more than his does.

I thought it would feel different to be judge. When I woke up this morning, I expected my family to greet me with, “Good morning, your honor.” I was disappointed. My 15 year-old then informed me that the only way that he would call me “your honor” is if he is a defendant in my court. I then told him that would handle all family transgressions while wearing my judicial robe. He was unimpressed.

Actually, I worked quite hard to win the race. I must have eaten at our local “home cookin” (i.e. breaded and deep-fried) restaurants 50 times over the last three weeks. I went to “Lillie Mae’s” and had fried catfish today out of sheer habit. Only when I was finished did I recall that the election was over.

Thanks for the interest. If y’all are ever this way, give us a shout.


Is it any wonder this guy’s momma loves him?

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Johnny Houston outpolled incumbent Judge Gary Disheroon in the race for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn. last night.


The Daily Chattanoogan reports that Houston beat Disheroon by a vote of 845 to 695.

As previously reported here at redbankgreen, Houston, a lawyer specializing in DUI cases, had the key endorsements of his mother and wife. Disheroon rallied late in the campaign with public expressions of support from his own sister, parents, and a hunting buddy. But Houston may have pulled away at the end with a just-folks e-mail to redbankgreen that Disheroon did not counter.

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Our long-distance coverage of the dueling love notes written by kin of both candidates in the race for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn., has not gone unnoticed down in the Volunteer State.

The challenger, Johnny Houston, e-mailed us (click image above to enlarge) last night to explain the role of the fawning missives, which have appeared in recent days in the opinion pages of the Daily Chattanoogan. Houston’s mother and wife have shamlessly weighed in, as have the sister and parents of the incumbent, Judge Gary Disheroon, to tell voters why their boys deserve the judgeship.

“We appreciate your interest in our election skirmish down here,” Houston writes. “Unlike other areas of the country, people down south want to make sure a candidate’s family likes them before wasting a vote. I once heard a voter say (in reference to ANOTHER candidate), ‘If his momma and daddy don’t like him, then why should I?’ “

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If this were another Monmouth County publication, one we won’t identify by name, we’d be screeching in this space about how influential we were on politics from here to Tennessee.

That’s not us. We’re redbankgreen, the alternative to the alternative newspaper out of Asbury Park. And so we’ll acknowledge that it’s a pure coincidence that, one day after our last post on the race for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn., three relatives of the incumbent, Gary Disheroon, had a letter to the editor published in the Daily Chattanoogan in which they polish their guy’s apple.

If you missed it, we chided Disheroon on Saturday for letting a very public hugfest by the mother and wife of his opponent, Johnny Houston, go unanswered. Well, now the voters out in Red Bank, Tenn. are being served.

Under the headline “Proud of Gary Disheroon’s Campaign Conduct,” the latest missive appeared Sunday, over the names of Gwen, Jimmie and Preston Disheroon. They identify themselves as the judge’s sister and parents. “He is a loyal and supportive husband, step-father, brother and son,” they write.

In fact, the Disheroon camp seems to be stepping up its game. The family letter is accompanied by one from “a personal friend, a hunting partner, and a lawyer who has tried cases before his court” that also praises the candidate.

We saw something like this in the last gubernatorial race here, didn’t we? Except that, this being New Jersey, the most prominent relative to speak out was now-Gov. Jon Corzine’s ex-wife, and she did anything but try to buff his image.

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We told you a few days back about the letter to the editor that the mother of Johnny Houston, a candidate for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn., wrote to the editor of the local newspaper extolling her boy’s many virtues.

Well, now the candidate’s wife has written in to sing his praises. And the Daily Chattanoogan has once again not stood in the way of what is clearly a burgeoning charm offensive. The paper ran Mrs. Laura Houston’s letter yesterday. Headline: “Johnny Houston Does What Is Right And Fair.”

This made redbankgreen wonder how many letters of praise the Chattanoogan has run from relatives of Houston’s opponent in the race, incumbent Gary Disheroon. The answer, going by a search of the newspaper’s online archive: none.

What on earth is wrong with this guy? It’s like watching John Kerry stand by while he got Swift-boated all over again. Only in this case, Disheroon is remaining quiet amid a public lovefest for Houston; neither Houston’s Mom, Nancy Estes, nor his wife says an unkind word about Disheroon. In print, that is.

It’s a wholly civilized affair. And yet, somehow, it cries out for retaliation. Can’t Disheroon scrounge up one relative to write him a gushing endorsement? Don’t the people of Red Bank, Tenn., deserve to know what his kin think of him?

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Oh, ma!


It seems they do things a little differently in Red Bank, Tenn., a suburb of Chattanooga. For instance, they elect their judges. For another, the local newspaper is apparently glad to yield a portion of its opinion page to a candidate’s mother so she can tell readers what makes her son the best choice for a judgeship.

Today’s Chattanoogan has a letter to the editor from the mother of Johnny Houston, a candidate for Red Bank City Judge. Houston’s mom, Nancy Estes, wants voters to know some of Johnny’s wonderful qualities. These are numerous, so the letter runs to 550 words. Johnny’s mom promises voters they will not regret voting for him.

Shameless, yes, but the letter is charming and actually rather persuasive. Makes us want to pull a lever for Johnny. Then again, have we heard from the other candidate’s mom yet?