OK, one final post on the race for city judge in Red Bank, Tenn. Barring a demand for a recount from the Disheroon camp, that is.


DUI lawyer Johnny Houston, who outpolled incumbent Judge Gary Disheroon in voting Thursday, dropped us an e-mail over the weekend.

Well John [redbankgreenman, that is], I feel pretty good about the result, given that I won. Believe it or not, this is only the second instance in modern times that ANY incumbent judge in this county has been turned out of office. I guess my momma loves me more than his does.

I thought it would feel different to be judge. When I woke up this morning, I expected my family to greet me with, “Good morning, your honor.” I was disappointed. My 15 year-old then informed me that the only way that he would call me “your honor” is if he is a defendant in my court. I then told him that would handle all family transgressions while wearing my judicial robe. He was unimpressed.

Actually, I worked quite hard to win the race. I must have eaten at our local “home cookin” (i.e. breaded and deep-fried) restaurants 50 times over the last three weeks. I went to “Lillie Mae’s” and had fried catfish today out of sheer habit. Only when I was finished did I recall that the election was over.

Thanks for the interest. If y’all are ever this way, give us a shout.


Is it any wonder this guy’s momma loves him?

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