hot-topic rightWe’ve long been aware that there are other Red Banks in America. There’s one in Indiana, another in South Carolina, and even another in New Jersey, in Gloucester County.

But now, it’s come to our attention that our very own Red Bank, Monmouth County, New Jersey, isn’t alone among its name-sharers to struggle with a reputation as “Dead Bank.”

Turns out the City of Red Bank, Tennessee, a “small community surrounded by Chattanooga” whose population total of 12,000 mirrors our own, also gets the business for not having enough business.

Here’s a letter to the editor of the Chattanoogan that was posted Monday:

Councilman Bill Wallace’s Dead Bank Insult Was Unfair
posted July 11, 2011

Dear Councilman Wallace,
I am a proud resident of Red Bank of 47 years. My hometown is in transition like other communities. The empty store fronts and empty buildings not just in Red Bank. The economy is hurting everyone. I work in Hixson and count just as many empty stores in Hixson.

I am tired of the bad reputation that everyone has given to Red Bank. It started when the traffic cameras were put in place. Again, this is not just in Red Bank. These cameras are popping up all over our fair city of Chattanooga. The only traffic cameras that are in question are in Red Bank. If people would slow down and drive right, they would not know that they are there.

Red Bank is on the edge of a bright future. The Red Bank Middle School is getting a new home. The old high school is going to be torn down to make way for new businesses. The new Bi-Lo center has done quite well. The new improvements to the former Red Bank Hardware building and Athletic Shop has made our fair community brighter.

I have great faith in the Red Bank Commissioners to get our community back on the road. Mayor Millard and his group will get the job done. I am excited to see the improvements going on in my hometown.

It was not fair of you to tell Signal Mountain that they will be the next “Dead Bank.” The communities of Red Bank and Signal Mountain are two different areas. Each town has it’s own specialties and beauties. Making fun of Red Bank is classless and wrong.

Councilman Wallace, I’ll think about you at my next meal at Red Bank’s Taco Bell.

Very proud Red Bank resident,
Laura Crane