Seventy-nine percent of New Jerseyans have “absolutely no interest” in reading ex-Guv. Jim McGreevey’s upcoming book about his struggles with homosexuality and his 2004 political flame-out, according to the Monmouth University Polling Institute.


Five percent expressed “a lot’ of interest, and 14 percent had at least some interest in reading the book, titled ‘The Confession.’ It’s due out Sept. 19. Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer has details.

According to an excerpt obtained by the Star-Ledger in May (story archived), McGreevey’s tell-all includes disclosures about his attempts to satisfy “a particularly rank, unfulfilling variety of lust” via sexual encounters in highway rest-stops and other drive-thru locales.

He’s scheduled to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show Sept. 18. Polls aside, if he jumps up and down on her sofa or admits to plagiarism, look for book sales to skyrocket.

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