Last week’s image shows a coat-of-arms painted on the side of a building at 90 West River Road in Rumson. The property is owned by the Tedesco family, and the building, a turn-of-the-century (19th to 20th, that is) structure, is used as a ballroom. Because, well, every house should have one, right? Perhaps you’ve driven by on those nights when the interior chandeliers light the place up like the Tsar’s Winter Palace.

Marjorie Tedesco informs us that the emblem was painted by her son Andrew, a Manhattan artist whose work includes trompe lÂ’oeil murals in the lobby of the Count Basie Theatre. And what does it signify? Nothing particular to the Tedesco clan, Marjorie tells us. “It was just something I found that I liked,” she says.

Dylan Barlett of Little Silver was the first reader to correctly identify the location. Perhaps the Barlett family crest could be updated to include a mention of this wondrous victor. And maybe the Barletts will want to put one on their ballroom!


Now, to this week’s photo. In all fairness, we should say that the picture is not taken from the angle most passersby would see it from. But that’s all we’re saying.

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