Sue Malmi of River Plaza (Middletown) was the first reader to pin down the location of the Doelger’s Antiques sign. It’s on the south side of the East Side Cafe on Broad Street, next to the Verizon building. So close, in fact, that, you can catch a glimpse of it only from just the right angle while walking or motoring by, and slowly at that.

Sue writes:

Weird coincidence—I noticed the “Doelger’s Antiques” for the first time on Monday as I was parking the car to go the Post Office, followed by lunch at (where else?) the East Side Cafe.

Anybody out there know when the Verizon (or presumably, the New Jersey Bell) building went up? Because its construction left Doelger’s announcing its presence to a brick wall just a few feet away. Which may help explain why Doelger’s, as far as we can tell, no longer has any presence at all.

Congrats to Sue. The answer box is now open for guesses about the location of this week’s Where. Send your entries via e-mail, please.

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