The SeaStreak ferry service is raising its fares effective Sept. 1 as part of a fuel-surcharge program it implemented last November to track rises and declines in fuel prices.

Under the new prices, which are reviewed for upward or downward adjustments every two months, a peak-hours round-trip ticket will increase by $1.50, to $42.50, and an off-peak round-trip wll also go up by $1.50, to $34.50. Ten-trip books will cost $202, up $4 from the current level, and 40-trippers will cost $638, up $10.

Separately, on Sept. 11, the ferry operator is offering off-peak, round-trip rides from Atlantic Highlands and Highlands to lower Manhattan for $20.

The discount rate applies to any departures after 9:30a that day, and includes the 8:25p Atlantic Highlands boat and the 10:25p Highlands departure for travelers hoping to get a close-up look at the “Tribute in Lights” memorial.

The discounted tickets cannot be used at any other time, and reservations are not being taken.

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