Guy Johnson of the Antique Center of Red Bank steamrolled the competition and was the first to identify last week’s ‘Where‘ as the railroad trestle that crosses West Front Street near Bridge Avenue.

But the most compelling reply came from ‘Where’ regular Jenn Woods, who told us she recognized the location because…

“I sit under that bridge every day on my way home from work.”

Um, OK

So, is that a good place to meditate, with two lanes of near-constant car traffic and the occasional thunderous rumble of a North Jersey Coast Line train overhead? Or does one sit there to get in touch with one’s inner masochist?

We didn’t know what to think, until Jenn clarified:

“In my car I sit, at the light! I’m not a troll that sits under bridges.”


Actually, that thought hadn’t occurred to us. But we’re relieved that there’s no trolling going on over there, either.

Anyway, thanks to both Guy and Jenn.

(By the way, Jenn, who lives just two blocks from the trestle, has a parking space for rent to any train commuter who might be interested, for $40 a month. Interested parties should e-mail redbankgreen and we’ll forward your inquiries to her.)

Another by-the-way: A young lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama who writes a blog and considers the Red Bank area as one of his “favorite places in the world” has decided to copy our ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ feature.

The blog, The Alablawg, Commentary on Alabama Law and Society, is provocative; a recent post is headlined “Time To Waterboard The Mayor?” Gotta love it.

The author, who identifies himself as ‘Wheeler,’ is the expectant father of twin “Alababies.’ His dad lives in Fair Haven. Here’s what Wheeler has to say about Red Bank:

i really love the area. of course there are all the cool stores, especially
the music shop (i can’t remember the name). in my office right now is an
autographed picture that came from fameabilia: mookie’s grounder gowing
through buckner’s legs. you’ve got great community things like the johnny
cobb memorial run, which is one of my all time favorite races. the mountain
bike trails at hartshorne and huber woods are great, and extra good because
i can ride to them from my dad’s house. there are a ton of places to walk,
and wander, and relax. and the area is just beautiful.

and of course, there’s always the chance of a bruce sighting.

Wheeler calls redbankgreen

a super local blog about Red Bank, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Thanks much, counselor, and we hope you have as much fun with your ‘Where’ feature as we do with ours. And best of luck with those Alababies.

Now, who can identify this week’s ‘Where?’ Raise your hands, please, boys and girls. Better yet, send us an e-mail, thanks.

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