Somewhere along the way, our lives tend to get filled up with all sorts of stuff that we’ve settled for. Unsatisfying jobs. Unfulfilling relationships. A million little things that crowd out who we want to be.


Bill McDonald, a personal coach who calls his service Open Passage, will lead a three-part program beginning next week for individuals looking to ‘declutter’ their lives, identify what they really want, and get onto a path that might lead them there.

The aim, says McDonald, is to “unpack our authentic desires, make space for them, strategize around obstacles, implement an action plan, imagine, challenge, and laugh ourselves to intentional living.”

The three-night ‘Lighten Up’ series, which costs $45, will be held at a location in the Red Bank area that will be disclosed to registrants. It begins Tuesday, Nov. 28, and continues Dec. 5 and Dec. 12. All sessions run from 7p to 9p.

For more information, call 732-606-6790.

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