Last week’s ‘Where’ showed a a drab, boarded-up shop with eye-catching turquoise trim. We can now reveal that the building is located on Cedar Avenue in Fair Haven.

And it seems fitting that the first person to identify it was Michael Halfacre, Fair Haven’s blogging mayor-elect and ‘Where’ regular.

Congrats to you, Mr. Mayor-to-Be.

We know nothing about the building, other than that it appealed to our wandering ‘Where’ eye.

Halfacre tells us that it’s been shuttered for probably 30 or more years, and may have some historical significance. We didn’t hear back from the owners, for whom we left telephone messages. But anyone who knows is urged to send a comment.

This week’s entry, a photo taken by redbankgreen‘s art director, had even the redbankgreenman stumped. Topiary, obviously, but where?

If you think you know, please email us.

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