A Rumson woman and her son narrowly escaped catastrophe Thursday when the car she was driving became trapped on the North Jersey Coast Line tracks in Little Silver, according to a report in the Asbury Park Press.


Both got safely away from the vehicle before it was hit by a train at the White Street grade crossing, the paper reported on its website.

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On an unusually blustery day last week, redbankgreen hovered while photographer Michael Marmora worked on his first magazine assignment: shooting the rock band Bedlight for Blue Eyes for the upcoming debut issue of d. magazine, to be published by Red Bank photographer Danny Sanchez.

The shoot took place in the East Front Street breezeway next to Billy¬ís Barber Shop, and in a parking lot out back. Afterward, we put Marmora through the 10-question ‘Human Bites’ drill.

Marmora, of Holmdel, is 22, and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology last spring.

This was your first magazine assignment. Were you anxious?
I was. I still am. I’m probably not going to be relieved until I see it in print. I’m always kind of nervous about first-crack attempts at things. But yeah, I mean, I’m excited.

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See, kids? This is where having a particular expertise comes in handy.

Retromedia Sound Studios owner John Noll used his specialized knowledge in sound technology to identify last week’s ‘Where‘ as a picture of a loudspeaker atop 1 Broad Street, home of Heritage Liquors (at the corner of East Front Street).

Or maybe John just notices things above street level more than than average redbankgreen reader.

Either way, thanks and congrats to John.

Can you identify this week’s image? Email your guesses to us, please. (And is it just us, or does staring at this photo make you crave an orange Italian ice from Strollo’s? No, that’s not a hint.)

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The Borough Council’s trial-like hearing on a series of seven allegations against the liquor license of Best Liquors has been postponed for a month, according to today’s Asbury Park Press.

The reason: store owner Sunny Sharma’s hiring of a new lawyer, Mitchell Ansell. Word of the new counsel reached borough officials Monday, and they agreed that Ansell should have time to prepare his defense against the allegations, which include five counts of selling liquor to minors.

From the article:

“The party in the case just reached us and asked us for an adjournment,” Mayor Edward J. McKenna Jr. said. “I’d ask we grant that adjournment so we can afford him due process.”

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The Rumson priest who pleaded guilty to swindling the Holy Cross Roman Catholic parish has been let out of prison after serving fewer than six months of a five-year sentence, the Asbury Park Press reports today.

Rev. Joseph W. Hughes, who owes Holy Cross more than $2 million for the pricey cars and other luxuries he bought over seven years using the church’s funds, was released Nov. 29, according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections website. The website doesn’t give Hughes’ whereabouts.

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Signals are apparently turning mixed in the real estate market, which is probably good news for sellers who’ve heard nothing but doom and gloom in recent months.

A new report from the good folks at the Otteau Valuation Group in East Brunswick finds that Monmouth County home-sales contract volume in October was down just six percent from year-ago levels.

If that doesn’t sound all that positive, consider that the same measure was down 19 percent through the first nine months of the year.

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Eric Ginsberg is at it again.

The tireless impressario who brought to life the Red Bank Music Community and its songwriters’ workshops and open-mic nights and StreetLife concerts is now bringing the big screen to town.

Through the RBMC, Ginsberg has put together a weekly series of music-themed fims that will play, free of charge, at the Red Bank Visitors’ Center at 17 East Front Street (NOT at the train station, as the visitors’ center website still claims).

The series debuts Monday night with “This is Spinal Tap,” the spiritual godfather of a generation of mockumentaries, starring Harry Shearer, Michael Keaton and Christopher Guest.

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