We’re not quite sure what to make of it when not even one reader correctly identifies a ‘Where‘ entry.

Does it mean that we’ve gone too obscure? Too obvious for those who know the answer to even bother writing in? And are we sounding somewhat needy right now? Please, someone, slap us. Or send us an Email. That would be more constructive.

At least a couple of readers last week gave it the old school try. Which is kind of ironic, because instead of giving it the old school reply—that is, the Red Bank Middle School, which is the correct answer—they guessed the old Garmany building (formerly the Broad Street Post Office) and the old borough hall and police station (now the home of the Children’s Cultural Center, at 51 Monmouth Street).

To be specific, the photo shows a lamp with a lovely urn-shaped housing beside a door on the Harding Road side of the school.

This week’s image would appear also to involve decorative glass. Ah, but where? Email your guesses to us, please.

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