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SeaStreak has now cancelled ALL boats to and from Highlands.

From the carrier’s latest email blast:

Due to ice conditions SeaStreak will be making the following changes today’s schedule:

All service to and from Highlands will be cancelled. SeaStreak will be providing
shuttle bus service from Atlantic Highlands to bring you to your cars at Conners
and the Sandy Hook Bay Marina.

SeaStreak will be operating the following runs to and from Atlantic Highlands only:

3:10pm Atlantic Highlands

4:10pm Atlantic Highlands

4:15pm E. 34th Street
4:40pm Pier 11

5:05pm E. 34th Street
5:30pm Pier 11

5:35pm Atlantic Highlands

6:20pm E. 34th Street
6:40pm Pier 11

The following runs will be cancelled:

11:45am E. 34th Street
12:00pm Pier 11

1:00pm Highlands

1:50pm E. 34th Street
2:05pm Pier 11

1:45pm Conners

2:50pm E. 34th Street
3:05pm Pier 11

2:45pm Conners

3:45pm Conners

3:50pm E. 34th Street
4:15pm Pier 11

4:55pm Conners

5:20pm Conners

5:50pm E. 34th Street
6:10pm Pier 11

6:15pm Atlantic Highlands
6:25pm Conners

7:25pm E. 34th Street
7:45pm Pier 11

8:25pm Atlantic Highlands
8:35pm Conners

9:15pm E. 34th Street
9:30pm Pier 11

10:15pm Conners
10:30pm Atlantic Highlands

11:15pm E. 34th Street
11:30pm Pier 11

Please check back to the SeaStreak website and or 1-800-BOATRIDE for schedule
updates for 2/7/07.

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