We had just one response to last week’s picture, and damn if it wasn’t yet another correct one from Carl Colmorgen.

That’s five Colmorgens in a row, for those keeping count.

How is it that a guy can return to Red Bank after living for more than three decades in Florida and seemingly know this place like the back of his hand?

Carl, a school crossing guard who refers to this feature as “Where Am I,” explains in an email how he sussed this one out, at least:

In studying the Where Am I, I was looking down my sister said looking
up. On my way to Broad and Harding, I go down to Marine Park while waiting
to get out of Wharf Ave. what to my wandering eyes should appear but the
GLOBE HOTEL, and I just had to send this in.

The famed Globe Hotel on East Front Street.

Carl Colmorgen


Not typing in all upper case.

Globe Hotel indeed.

Thanks, Carl.

This week (in honor of Brian Wilson, if you like): a Smile. But where?

If you know, shoot us an email, please.

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