The late auto-parts sculptor Jim Gary had his fans.

Several respondents to last week’s ‘Where’ not only knew the location of the distinctive piece shown — it’s in front of a house on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, just south of McLoone’s Riverside restaurant — but named Gary as its creator.

(We haven’t verified this, but it sure looks like Gary’s distinctive handiwork). [UPDATE: It’s now been verified. See the bottom of this story.]

Among those who mentioned the artist was our first answerer: Fran Waldmann of Red Bank.

Others who knew the location: Sandra Talarico, Mike Halfacre, Alex Turoczi, Tim Lake and Ken Ameika.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

This week: a sign of something missing, perhaps?

If you know ‘Where,’ please send us an email.

[UPDATE: redbankgreen received this email late Thursday afternoon:]

As the studio director for Jim Gary, I can confirm for you that the red raptor you featured on August 23, 2007 was sculpted by Jim Gary. It is in excellent condition, thanks for featuring it! Let me know if you need any other information.

Kafi Benz
Studio Director
Jim Gary’s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs

the official Jim Gary site: http://www.kafi-benz.com/

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