Twelfth-district state Assemblywoman and Red Bank resident Jennifer Beck has asked Attorney General Anne Milgram to speed up the scheduled hearing on whether the borough can shut down Best Liquors over a series of sales infractions.

“March of 2008 is entirely too long for the Borough of Red Bank to wait to see if the revocation of Best Liquors’ liquor license is upheld,” Beck says in a press release that announces a letter she sent to the AG. “Red Bank’s quality of life continues to suffer as Best Liquors has been permitted to stay open pending the outcome of their appeal.”

Here’s the letter: Download BeckMilgram83007.

It’s also addressed to Jerry Fischer, director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control division, the agency that this week set a March 5, 2008 hearing date on the appeal by Best Liquors to halt the shutdown.

In the letter, Beck urges Milgram and Fischer to “use whatever influence you may have to expedite” the hearing and goes on to say that, “Without question, Best Liquors has displayed neither the responsibility nor the respect of the law to be allowed to continue operating.”

In the press release, though, Beck minces no words:

Best Liquors has continually thwarted the law. For far too long, Best Liquors has been endangering our children through the illegal sale and distribution of alcohol. They need to be put out of business once and for all.”

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