First of all, this is not Radiohead redux.

In case you missed the news, the British rock band last week released its newest album priced solely on what fans decide how much they’ll pay to download it.

Now, the Count Basie Theatre is doing something similar with seats for tomorrow night’s performance of “Romeo and Juliette” by the Dicapo Opera Theatre.

You want a pair of seats? Name your price, and the they’re yours. You’ll be seated based on how high or low your offer is.

Call it ‘chirps on the cheap.’

As far as Basie spokeswoman Diana St. John knows, the pricing scheme was not inspired by Radiohead’s move. Rather, she says, it’s more a throwback to the days of yore, “when peasants used to pay a penny” to see the same shows that were musts for the nobility and merchants.

“It’s an effort to reach the masses, people who might not normally come to this type of performance,” she says. While rock, comedy and other popular acts frequently sell out at the theater, “we struggle with opera, we struggle with classical dance,” St. John says.

Until yesterday, tickets for the opera had been priced from $19.50 to $50 a pop. But patrons who’ve already paid those sums for the best seats won’t find themselves seated next those who pay, say $5. The Basie doesn’t want to alienate regular customers, St. John says.

So here, for those who might have had a passing curiosity about opera but always regarded it as a bit too black-tie, is a chance to try it out at better-than-bargain prices.

The show, by the way, is sung in French, with an English translation provided. In addition to the singing cast, there’s a full orchestra.

In other words, a boatload of culture.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or by telephone (732.842.9000). Password: ‘Romeo.’

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