Thirty-five stores downtown will feature live mannequins from 1 to 4p Sunday as part of an effort by Red Bank RiverCenter, the town’s retail promotion organization.

Might be fun to go from store to store and test just how well the models stay in their animatronic characters. See if you can crack them up! You know the kid in you wants to.

The mannequins are all models from Barbizon of Red Bank, whose owner, Mary DeMont, gave us a big assist with the photoshoot we did for this story. Kayla Lovgren of Brick is the model/mannequin, and the storefront is that of Bodega Shoppe, a gift shop on Mechanic Street. Kayla will probably be in the Rok + Lola window Sunday. A reindeer-straddling child is slotted for the Bodega storefront.

Here are the participating stores and their addresses:

Take a Bow, 37 East Front

Internet Cafe, 1 West Front
BisDarl, 4A West Front
After the Stork, 16, West Front
Runway 11, 16 West Front
Paw Palace, 19 West Front

The Bee’s Knees, 24 Broad
Primas Home, 28 Broad
Jack’s Music, 30 Broad
Duxiana, 37 Broad
Art of Play, 39-1/2 Broad
Funk and Standard, 40 Broad
Backward Glances, 43 Broad
New York Trends, 43 Broad
Rok + Lola, 58 Broad
T. Berry Square, 62 Broad
Marisa, 67 Broad
Esoterica, 80 Broad
Sunshine Daydream, 80 Broad
What’s That Smell, 80 Broad
Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos, 86 Broad
Sole Solution, 95 Broad

Bodega Shoppe, 15 Mechanic

Nirvana, 21 White
Little Willow, 64 White

Monica Elizabeth, 8 Monmouth
Wooly Monmouth, 9 Monmouth
Soapmarket, 12 Monmouth
Bella Mystique, 14 Monmouth
Cocoon, 28 Monmouth
Stokaboka, 32 Monmouth
Children’s Cultural Center, 51 Monmouth
His & Hers Fragrances, 54 Monmouth
Red Ginger Home, 65 Monmouth

Gaetano’s, 10 Wallace

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