He was the first to play the title role in Spring Lake Theatre Company’s annual production of the musical “Scrooge,” and went on to don the nightcap for countless performances in Premier Theatre Company’s equally long-running revival of that well-roasted holiday chestnut.

It’s probably safe to surmise that Tinton Falls resident Michael Kroll could play the part in his sleep — not just old Ebenezer, but everyone else in the show to boot.

For the past two years, the veteran regional character actor (a member in good standing of Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore’s unofficial stock company) has done his part to “decrease the surplus population,” by presenting an economical and effective one-man version of “A Christmas Carol” for local audiences.

While it’s nothing that hasn’t been tackled before (by, among others, Lionel “Mr. Potter” Barrymore and “Star Trek” hambone Patrick Stewart), this “Christmas Kroll” is an engaging solo delivered by a performer with genuine presence and a deep affinity for the oh-so-familiar material.

Following a 2006 stint at Brookdale Community College, Kroll brings his show to the cozy and satisfying setting of Holmdel’s Duncan Smith Playhouse (located adjacent to Holmdel High School on Crawfords Corner Road), in a production by Holmdel Theatre Company’s Kelly Bird.

“A Christmas Carol” goes up tonight and continues through next weekend. Tickets ($20) may be reserved by calling 732.946.0427.

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