Check out the new commercial for the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, produced by Red Banker and self-styled “multimedia darling” Judie Luszcz.

In an email to redbankgreen, graphic artist Luszcz gives props (OK, we admit we have still no idea what ‘props’ are) to a whole slew of people who had a hand in the production. Reading it, one begins to get a sense of why those entertainment industry awards shows go on for so long.

Who knew it took so much talent and effort for a 60-second spot?

The unsurprising thing, of course, is that so much of the talent is local.

Here’s a backgrounder Luszcz sent us about the origins and creation of the commercial, which was posted online last Wednesday; by Saturday morning it had been seen by 630 viewers.

I’d never heard of the MCSPCA* until after living in Red Bank for nearly 3 years. Since I work in the online media industry, I knew an online video and TV spot would be a great way to reach potential volunteers and donors, and increase adoptions. I proposed the idea in 11/07 to MCSPCA board member Ursula Goetz. Ursula loved the idea of a humorous commercial and gave permission to move forward.

The concept was mine, and was co-written with Lisa Cooney (Paper Mill Playhouse Education Director) and Jill McCabe (CEO/Creative director: The Learning Design Group). G Productions in Monmouth County jumped on board to donate their time filming and editing the live action bits. Retromedia Sound Studio in Red Bank donated studio time to record the narration and sound effects.

I created the design/graphics/animation, directed the commercial, and sewed it all together. As a freelancer, work slows down for me in December and picks up in January. I used that down time to produce the commercial. Everyone involved was so enthusiastic to volunteer their time and services. It took approximately 1 month to complete the project.

The idea came to me one day while walking dogs at the MCSPCA. There was this 100-lb. bulldog, Billy, lying in his pen with what had to be the saddest face in the world. He’d been there for about 6 months. I thought “Who could possibly have surrendered this big adorable face?” I imagined silly scenarios of homes he’d had, why they didn’t work out, and how in the end, he found his “perfect match.” Billy was our muse.

When it came time to shoot, Billy had been adopted. The MCSPCA reached out to Jim Berner [S & J Consultants Printing] and his family, who adopted him. They were very generous in lending us Billy and allowing us to shoot a scene in their home.

Comcast, Cablevision, and Brookdale College’s TV station will be airing the commercial.
Of the many online video sharing websites the commercial is posted on, it can be seen at: (cleanest, clearest viewing)

Production includes:
G Productions, Monmouth County
Beth Garrigal & Justin Galler // filmed & edited live action scenes.

Retromedia Sound Studios
, Red Bank
John Noll // Recorded voice over & sound FX

Narration: Adam Taylor, Point Pleasant

Actors (everyone here is “Monmouth County” local):
Wild Man Jogger: Larry Mihlon
Fairy Princess: Amanda Heckmann
Small Apartment Woman: Kate Galler
Sue, Billy’s Perfect Match: Angela White (casting assistant at TRTC)
Billy: Billy the American Bulldog

80 Acres Park in Eatontown (gave us permission)
Kate Russel’s apartment in Asbury Park
Jim Berner’s home
YMCA Enrichment Center in Hazlet
MCSPCA in Eatontown

Animal Characters at the end:
Bunny: Bob The Bunny – he’s a “Dwarf” rabbit! His name should be “Hercules.” He was HUGE.
Kitten: an SPCA resident
Siberian Husky: My dog “The Amazing Seya”

* Despite popular belief the MCSPCA is NOT affiliated with the ASPCA, nor is it government funded. Support comes from donations and modest fees, led by a volunteer board of trustees, and committed to caring for all animals.

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