Something curious followed the publication of last week’s ‘Where.’

All the readers who got the location wrong thought they’d seen our Superman image downtown on Broad Street.

A Time to Kiln, Ricky’s Candy, Cones & Chaos, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and Backward Glances were all named.

Is it something in the water? Evidence of a diabolical plot, perhaps? A reason to shriek, “Superman! Help us!”?

Nah. It probably just has something to do with primary colors and kitsch.

Anyway, the answer: Amazing Stories on White Road in Shrewsbury, a purveyor of comic books, toys and “all things amazing,” which no doubt makes for quite an inventory.

Dayna Stein of the formerly Dueling Steins was the first reader to identify it. Pam Borghi also knew it.

Thanks to Dayna, Pam and the others who wrote in: Jenn Woods, medic1876 and Cathi Swett.

How about this week’s entry? Recognize it? Send us an email with your guess, please.

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