Ring any bells?

Christine Jahnig cracked last week’s
case before any other readers, letting us know that she recognized the windows from the west wall of La Pastaria restaurant.

“Reminds me of many delicious meals and lots of friendly service there,” she wrote. “How good can it get?”

Others who knew it were Eileen Labetti, Raeanne Marie Guzzi, MariaJose Lodeiro, Beth Gilmartin. The only guy who ventured a guess, Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, got it wrong — he guessed it was the Lamplighter store at Broad and Harding — and had been warned by his wife that he was mistaken.

There may be a lesson here, but we won’t venture what it might be..

This week’s shot should be an easy one, given the increasing scarcity of payphones against turquoise backdrops. If you recognize it, please drop us a line.

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