In response to questions posted by a redbankrgreen reader earlier this week, management at Count Basie Theatre Foundation, which is organizing Bruce Springsteen’s solo acoustic show May 7, sent us the following this morning.


About 1,000 seats are being auctioned off by the Red Bank venue at a minimum $1,000 each. The process started last night and continues until noon, April 2.

What seat locations are being set aside for Count Basie sponsors?
Tickets for sponsors are located in the center orchestra through row R and in the first rows of the loge.

What prices are Count Basie sponsors paying for tickets?
The prices for the sponsorship tickets range from $5,000 to $15,000 per seat.

What seat locations are being set aside for Count Basie staffers?
There are no seats set aside for Count Basie Theatre staff.

What price are Count Basie staffers paying for their tickets?
The Count Basie Theatre staff can purchase tickets at the same price as the general public.

What seat locations are being raffled off?
A pair of front-row seats is being raffled off.

How many seats are being raffled off?
There will be one raffle winner and the prize is a pair (2) tickets to the show.

Why is a $1,000 floor being set? Does Count Basie think that a true auction would set a lower minimum price?
This show is a fundraiser for the Count Basie Theatre. It is also a very unique show. Therefore the minumum bid was set at $1,000.

If Count Basie is forcing Springsteen fans to bid against each other to maximize profits, why are approximately 30 percent of the seats not subject to the auction?
The seats are available to sponsors of the event.

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