Img_4573The former home of the Visiting Nurse Association on Bodman Place falls to the wrecking claw this morning.

The longtime home of the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey on Bodman Place is being torn down today.

The building hasn’t been used since the completion about two years ago of newer facilities fronting on Riverside Avenue, VNA officials tell redbankgreen.

“It’s terrible to watch it come down, isn’t it?” says Ken Hallett, the VNA’s facilities manager.

Hallett says the building was erected in or about 1908 by the J.E. Conover Co., which had a cloth waterproofing factory there.

The VNA took over the building in 1958 and named it for Geraldine L. Thompson, who in 1912 founded the outreach group that later took the name Monmouth County Organization for Social Service (MCOSS).

“It was researched at every level whether the building could be renovated, and the answer was ‘no,'” says Nancy Montserrat, VNA director of development.

The lot will be used to create additional parking for staff and patients, she says.

Those terracotta tiles, by the way, turn out to be fake, as you can see from the sheet of them hanging off the roof.

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