Edition number 95 of “Where Have I Seen This?” was no challenge for at least the half-dozen readers who wrote in over the last week.

All correctly identified it as a sign outside Marion Security Agency on Bridge Avenue.

Marion, which was founded by Red Banker Marion Philips in 1982, does some detective work for its existing clients, but its main line of business is in providing security guards.

It has a strong presence at adult communities scattered across New Jersey and elsewhere, says Phillips’ son, Bob, of Little Silver. who helps run the 300-employee business. Marion’s the CEO, and Bob is the president.

Thanks to Ken Ameika, Monmouth 911, Pete DeFazio, Mike Welsh, Mark Molzon and Adrienne Didik for writing in.

Watch out for that tumbling rock this week. Know where this picture was taken? Shoot us an e, please.

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