Img_0571Elmer and Jeff Jackson at the fog-wrapped Golden Gate Bridge as they prepared to start their ride yesterday. (Photos by Tim Hathaway.)

The father-and-son pair Elmer and Jeff Jackson completed the first 20 miles yesterday of what we’re now told will be a 4,244-mile bike ride.

Looks like they did some sightseeing at San Francisco’s Presidio before they got very far. Advance man and sag driver Tim Hathaway reports on his blog:

There is a veterans cemetery with thousands of headstones dating back through the mid 1800s. Over 450 of them are that of Buffalo Soldiers, an appellation native American Indians gave black regiments during the Indian Wars.

Then the Jacksons ferried north to Vallejo, where they started their fundraising trek in earnest.

Img_0590Elmer charges by, followed by Jeff, somewhere between Vallejo and West Sacramento.

From there, they rode onto West Sacramento, Hathaway reports.

We don’t have a detailed itinerary, but hope to get one. Tim reports that on arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, the trio realized they’d forgotten their map.

Jeff’s blog says they’re heading to Point Pleasant; Tim’s says Sandy Hook.

At this point, of course, it doesn’t much matter: they’ve got plenty of time, and many miles, to figure it out.

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